Minerva Relais

Guesthouse in Rome with breakfast included

Whether it may be for a short or long-term stay, the place we choose for our stay must meet specific requirements and suit our travelling needs. Amongst the numerous online offers, the most interesting ones always include a free breakfast, which is exactly what we need to start our day feeling fully energised before indulging in the discovery of a new unexplored destination. Minerva Relais is a guesthouse in Rome located within close reach from the capital’s most important cultural and artistic landmarks, that also offers free breakfast to guests who book their stay directly from the website.


Breakfast at Minerva Relais is known for being varied and abundant, as well as respectful towards all eating preferences and necessities, so guests who have specific eating habits will be served a personalised meal. The Minerva Relais guesthouse in the centre of Rome also makes its guests always feel pampered by providing each room with a Nespresso coffee machine, a boiler and a wide range of infusions that can be tasted at any moment throughout the day.

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