Minerva Relais

Guesthouse in Rome close to Piazza Venezia

A guesthouse in the centre of Rome is every traveller’s dream. A stay in the eternal city is an experience that deserves to be fully enjoyed, whether it may be on your own, with your partner, for a business trip or with a group. This is exactly the reason why a guesthouse in Rome close to Piazza Venezia is the perfect solution for people who wish to stay in the characteristic city centre and indulge in its beauty without the need of public transportation.


A guesthouse like Minerva Relais, located in the historic via Piè di Marmo, close to Piazza Venezia in Rome, in an ancient historic palace that has undergone a great renovation. The exclusive Minerva Relais is not only situated in a prime location, but it also provides a wide range of offers to suit the needs of any kind of traveller: last-minute, early booker or a couple looking for an unforgettable destination for their romantic getaway.


This guesthouse close to Piazza Venezia in Rome allows guests who book their room from the hotel’s website to enjoy free buffet breakfast, the perfect way to start the day feeling energised and ready to fully indulge in all the beauty that Rome has to offer. Book your next stay in Minerva Relais and get ready to live a dream experience in the eternal city.

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